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Hi, I'm a 'new' member?? Saying new because I might have joined once before - uncertain as it was around 20 years ago, if I did!! Anyway the name is Mick Pearson - don't let it frighten you away!! I've had and still have a pretty large 'collection' of stuff over the years - a lot of 'older' stuff, but quite a good amount of newer things!! I say newer meaning things from the 60's, 70s, & 80s Anyway an update, I moved just over 15yrs ago to a much smaller place, but a large garage & garden - however having had a quad bypass , around 2yrs ago, I haven't done much to sort things out - and sadly a lot of stuff just got given away!!! 😢 In an effort to try and sort some of the stuff out I moved some of the things in one of my outbuildings, this was week before last. Now we arrive at why I have joined, rejoined, this site. I have uncovered 2 wall mounting machines by Rotomat. Rotomat Astor + Rotomint Jackpot. They are in remarkably good shape to say I had just completely forgotten their existence🤷‍♂️ I have taken some pictures and I will post them as soon I know it's ok for me to do that?? They BOTH have all the original wiring and other bits of drawings/set up sheets inside the cabinets - Clean & Dry. Got absolutely loads more stuff - could rave on - but best wait to be asked eh?? Glad to be on board? Regards, Mick P.
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Great to have you with us (again?) Mick.
Did you keep any photographs from your original collection?

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