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Hi, Just getting back into the old slots, after a 15 year spell of playing with other toys. Fortunately I didn't part with any machines, they've just been sitting there collecting dust. As a result of covid-19 and the lockdown, I found myself looking at a very tatty Sega Copper star, that I purchased several (probably 20) years ago, and have just given it, what I would describe as an economy rebuild, i.e., clean the mech, stripped and resprayed the front castings, nothing re chromed as it was so badly pitted. The only cost was getting a chip ground off the reel glass (£5.00). Hours of amusement for the Grand kids. Now got to start going through the rest.
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Well done chap, don't get too involved with the grand kids they'll only cost you a fortune.
And that's money you could have enjoyed on slots.

BP :tut
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Welcome tiggy, love those Copper Stars, still have mine on the old penny and one to keep !!THUMBSX2!! !!THUMBSX2!!
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