Hi I’m from Dundee Scotland

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Hi I’m from Dundee Scotland

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Hi guys I’m a joiner and always been fascinated by coin op machines loved the arcade when I was young ,I was never out of it and always thot I’d love to get an old one arm bandit and tinker with it ,so as lock down came I had lots of time on my hands and searched for one ,a guy had 2 in a container on a farm so I went and had a look ,he said hear you go ! I about fell over it was full of water rusted to hell and was 200 pound but decided to take it my partner was in the car ,I could just read her mind what the hell is he buying now is that for the skip !!! Any way I got it home and sanded all the rust cut a long story short it’s up and running and all shinny it was a aristocrat bingo clickety click works pays out as it should gluten for punishment got the other one it’s bit of mess but I’ll get there but this is a great forum stay safe guys and girls. Davie
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Re: Hi I’m from Dundee Scotland

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Good to meet you Davie, welcome to the forum.
Congratulations on your achievements.

We'll want to see photos you realise? First the one you've restored, second the one you're next to tackle and finally your partner.
Best regards

BP :cool:
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