Hello New Member from Essex UK

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Hello New Member from Essex UK

Post by royfance »

Hello Everybody. I am fairly new to the world of coin op gaming machines. I purchased a non working Aristocrat Arcadian earlier in the year. Luckily the machine was complete and I managed to get it to operating correctly. I also managed to converted it from 1p to 20p. The only problem I have with it, is the front plastic screen is cracked. It was a good introduction to one armed bandits I learnt a lot.
Now I have got a taste for it I would like to buy an earlier machine ( pre 1940) but don't know which route to go down as there is quite a large choice. I quite fancy a Mills Extraordinary but don't really now if this would be a good choice. Any advice would be appreciated.
I have noticed that Henry Powell Automatics seems to have a good selection of machines, does anyone have any views on the credibility of this firm. Are the machines he sells reconditioned or does he just buy and sell. Any advice would be appreciated. I suppose the best thing I could do would be to give them a ring as they are too far away to visit.
Thanks Roy..
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Re: Hello New Member from Essex UK

Post by aristomatic »

Hi and Welcome to the forum.

If thats a real email address you may wish to reconsider posting those details?

You mention that the north east is a long way to visit but dont state which part

of the country you are located? It may help when people are more able to travel

that members know that they are local to you for advice or for selling a machine.

Theres a big choice of machines out there from your first Arcadian. If its earlier

machine would you be looking to buy a machine retaining original coinage or are

you/would you be looking to again convert?
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Re: Hello New Member from Essex UK

Post by treefrog »

It says he is from Essex, very near me :cool: but are you now tier 3.......or are we not supposed to talk the big C on this forum :shock:

Henry Powell is a fine gentleman and runs a business restoring and repairing old machines, one of the few doing this.

I suspect you have to decide budget and probably style, which may influence way forward

Welcoming by the way
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Re: Hello New Member from Essex UK

Post by badpenny »

Hello and welcome to the forum.
I can only paraphrase others' advice here.

As a new entrant to this hobby your best route in would have been to include the specialist live auctions, however due to Covid they are suspended with no indication of a return.

Henry will supply a restored machine ready to display. If that's what you want to pay for.
Otherwise, like everybody else there's The Market on this site, eBay, FB Marketplace, Gumtree etc.

Good luck

BP :cool:
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Re: Hello New Member from Essex UK

Post by geordy55 »

I’ve visited and met Henry a few times and he’s a lovely guy with a wealth of experience. His family used to run the arcades in Whitley Bay so he’s been working on machines all his life. He will supply you a fully restored working machine at a price. If you visit him you might even manage to persuade him to sell you a project machine.
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