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New Improved Searchbox!

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:26 pm
by pennymachines
After a long period of absence without leave, some of you may have noticed the site search console is back at last. It's launched from the white flag, top, left of page (top of site navigator). It's been rebuilt from scratch and, whereas the old version only searched the static pages, now you can search the Museum, Forum, Archive, Library, Auction/Market, Arena and News all in one go. If you want to limit your search to one of these areas, just click on Advanced and select accordingly.

I thought it was worth providing a decent site search engine because this really helps unlock content which has become so extensive it is otherwise hard to sift through. Another small refinement:- the search field now has immediate focus (no need to click on the line before typing). I'm still fine tuning it and it remains to be seen whether 'image search' can be properly implemented.

For Forum-specific searches, there are still some advantages to the Forum's in-built Search. You can filter to a category or specific member's posts etc. and the results will be fully comprehensive and up to date.

Re: New Improved Searchbox!

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:03 pm
by pennymachines
Since the post above in 2012 !WOW! the search function has undergone several rebuilds. I've just had another go. It's accessed from the uppermost flag (or button on the mobile menu), on the site navigator menu, which is opened from the menu icon, top left of screen.

This allows you to search every corner of the site in one go, i.e. the Forum, Museum, Archive, Arena, Library, Calendar, Blog and Market. The Advanced button allows you to search these separately.

I think the Forum index may not be exhaustive although I may improve this. The Forum's own search function is fully up to speed though and allows for more fine grained filtering.