PennyMachines Market: Maximum Exposure

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PennyMachines Market: Maximum Exposure

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More Exposure!
Now, by arrangement with Jerry Chattenton, all adverts posted in the PennyMachines Market will be automatically published in two issues of Mechanical Memories Magazine. The listings also appear at BidFind and BidHopper, the two leading aggregators of independent online auctions and classified adverts, so you can be sure your adverts are gaining maximum exposure and reaching their audience.

Cheapest way to sell!
There is no longer a percentage fee based upon selling price - just a flat fee based on duration of the advert (from £5.00 for a month, to £20 for 6 months). For machines selling for a few hundred pounds or more this becomes an attractively cheap method of selling compared to auctions (online or off). If you are selling lower priced items such as spares or books, remember you can list any quantity of items in a single advert.

Although you are no longer required to state a selling price in your advert, in my opinion it is always better to do so. If you can't decide how to price your item the best selling format remains the auction. Likewise, a "Wanted" advert that indicates how much you would be happy to pay, is more likely be elicit a response.

The Market is proving an effective trading post for buyers and sellers. If you haven't tried it yet - maybe you should...
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