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Light Bulb Help

Post by pinballrevival »

I am trying to determine (and find) what type of lights are used in the old British penny games. They are a bayonet style base (not mini) with two contacts. I'm sure someone on this forum will know what I am talking about and can perhaps shed some light (no pun) on the matter.

Any help is appreciated.


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Post by coin-op »

I believe they are called pygmy light bulbs and they would usually be 7 1/2 or 15 watts depending on what they were lighting up and taking into account the heat the bulb would generate in the area it was situated. If you look on ebay at item 4409738572 I think the large base bulbs shown there are the type you need. If you are using them in the USA remember we are 240 volts so they will presuably operate less effectively. :)
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hello, if you try the bulbs we now use in microwave ovens you'll find them ok & safe to use , i have used them on some machines of my own & have had no problems hope this helps bye for now,,,,,,,,,
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