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Miniature Cricket anyone....?

Postby gameswat » Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:48 am

Just wondering if anyone in the UK has one of these machines? Usually it's called Miniature Baseball but this version was specially made for export to cricket playing nations. Two have turned up in Aust so it seems logical that some made it to Britian. When my friend found this one at a swap meet in Melbourne years ago he contacted the collector with the other example because he knew it was complete with the top tin sign. Sadly since he'd seen it last the sign had rusted away to nothing! Luckily he did give me this photo of the graphics before they died, though not great by any means. Note the handle is a cricket bat compared to the original baseball bat! And also that they left the mitt there, at least the ball makes some sense even if the stitching is wrong! :lol:

Just remembered that quite a few years ago when i got this I researched it and I'm sure it was made by Gottlieb. There seems to be a few different makers of the Baseball versions and they often get mis-identified by the sellers as they all look very similar.
miniature cricket.jpg
miniature cricket playfield.jpg
miniature baseball2.jpg
Cricket original graphics.jpg

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Re: Miniature Cricket anyone....?

Postby gameswat » Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:50 pm

I still only know of two of these games surviving, both in Australia, and both missing cabinets. Mine came with a rudimentary case that was ok for playing, but way off size and shape of original. As luck would have it a friend delivered a complete Baseball version to my house a week ago to rebuild for him! This has a manufacturing label for company called Tecumseh, which I'd never heard of, but the machine owner found a 1931 page in a trade mag that said they had the rights from Peo and Gottlieb to now make it. After a little while I discovered my door would not quite fit this Baseball cabinet, my door needed a slightly shorter cabinet. So after a lot more research I finally put all the pieces together and figured out my Cricket was actually made by Keeney, based on their version called Electric Baseball! They are not common. My main castings actually have the part numbers EC1 and EC2 cast into them, so seems Keeney were calling it Electric Cricket to begin with anyway, then for whatever reason the water decal label on the front says Miniature Cricket instead. The electricity is a battery and seems unique to only Keeney versions. It powers a small buzzer and single globe in mine, four bulbs in the baseball version to show you which base the batter has hit to. Actually makes sense this is by Keeney since they had a distributor in Australia, as seen by this brass name plate (photo attached) that turned up on a late 1920's ABT Target Skill pistol game, though private labelled with the Keeney name on the top plate. Quite a few of these same ABT/Keeney machines have turned up here so they were a large operator.

The Keeney Baseball and Cricket versions share some unique features, the front casting surround has a central racing stripe, the game name is a water decal while on all other makers it's cast in, the use of electricity with light globe/globes in the marquee, the back bonnet has an oddball half angled shape which is there to hold the battery, the shorter wooden case even though every brand of the machine all sit the same height once assembled.
target skill#2 marquee_1_1.jpg
ABT/Keeney Target Skill as found in Aust.
Keeney Plate.jpg
Keeney distributer plate from an ABT/Keeney Target Skill.
keeney 3.jpg
Keeney Electric Baseball label
keeney 5.jpg
Keeney Electric Baseball back
keeney 13.jpg
Keeney Electric Baseball
miniature cricket baseball mechs.jpg
Miniature Cricket mech left, Miniature Baseball mech right.
miniature cricket cases side.jpg
miniature cricket cases 3.jpg
miniature cricket wood.jpg
miniature cricket cases 1.jpg
miniature cricket cases 2.jpg

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