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Re: Firman bandit identified

Post by treefrog »

Thanks for sharing Coin-op.....yell Mills and nice to see original tin strips...

It is a Marmite machine and this model is the most grotesque of the Firmans range a real shocker of mixed styles.....I guess you will either love or hate it.......I am trying hard to love it 😍 and it would grow on me more so than their other ranges. I assume a dummy jackpot as we know they made their own large capacity version.

Most Firmans kept the original styling from the 20’s and 30’s machines with subtle changes, but also with garish paint jobs like seen Egyptian Bell and others, this one definitely pushed the boat out !OMFG!
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Re: Firman bandit identified

Post by badpenny »

Thanks for the photos Coin-op.

We ought to do a page of known Firman conversions, I'd never seen that one before. How many others are there out there.
As TF says
dummy bank
dummy skill buttons
false windows suggesting Gold Award but not fitted
Looks to have 20 symbols on a 10 stop.

All lashed together in the finest British Arcade fiddling manner.

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Re: Firman bandit identified

Post by pennymachines »

badpenny wrote: Sat Jan 16, 2021 2:51 pm We ought to do a page of known Firman conversions...
I've merged this recent topic with the existing Firman topic which already contains several such conversions (including another example of the above bandit).
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Re: Firmans

Post by pedroofn19 »

Ive got this Firmans. I dont know if anyone has seen it before.
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