Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

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Re: Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

Post by tallstory »

Dirk 55 - brilliant work on the Cresta Run case too. Did you rebuild it from scratch?
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Re: Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

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slotsoffun wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:01 ambut if it can cope with the curves of a car bodywork I'm sure slot castings are a breeze!
But can it cope with the fluting on the front of a standard Jennings Governor? :!?!:
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Re: Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

Post by pennymachines »

dirk55 wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 8:15 am For those who live in the Manchester area I use Leigh metal polishing in Swinton.
Added to Services.
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Re: Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

Post by treefrog »

Not sure wrap is a good solution, too soft and rips/tears too easily. Ideal as a temporary solution.
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Re: Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

Post by badpenny »

I know of one restorer in UK who has been wrapping both castings and cases.
The results are quite attractive, however when I asked him if the article I read describing the life of wrapped cars as being 3-5 years was due to weathering and car washes? If so did it apply to what he was doing? He said he didn't know and hadn't heard about that.

So something else to check when perusing a machine on offer, if it bothers you.

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Re: Electroplating (chrome, nickel etc.)

Post by dirk55 »

Hi Tallstory, yes I built the case from scratch, I will post photos in open forum when I get chance
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