allwin steer-a-ball

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allwin steer-a-ball

Post by jimmycowman »

hey just seen a allwin steer-a-ball on ebay [300037109744] is this home made or did such a machine ever exist?
bryans machines
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Post by bryans machines »

Whether they ever made a machine or not like this, one look at the mechanism pic pretty much tells you all you need to know - it's home made. They guy says he has had it for 5 years, and it looks about 5 years old to me. I'm doubtful that anything about it is original... but hey, I could be wrong :shock: Save your money for Coventry... support collectors...not ebay :cool:
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Post by JC »

Take a closer look at the machine, and you'll see that it is a Nostalgic Machines allwin, with the steer-a-ball thingy added. Looks like whoever's added this feature has made a half decent job of it, and looks like a fun addition to an otherwise bog standard allwin.

However, I agree, save your money for Coventry!

Jerry :D
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