Space Flight Beromat

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Beromat, space flight Assembly

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Hello all , got everything de rusted and ready to assemble . My question is , do I need to set the reels up in any sequence ? Any other info or advise that I might need to know ? Regards Tony
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Re: Beromat, space flight Assembly

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the reel strips must go back in the same place if you removed them, the reels must go on in the same order, dont force the metal parts they WILL break. any questions just ask :cool:
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Newbie thoughts and Space Flight pics

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Hello all.
I finally made up my mind about this machine. After a few paint jobs and placement issues I decided it wasn't going to work in that particular room. It needed a new cabinet with veneer or Formica and although everything was there I looked at it and knew I was out of my comfort zone. The original arm mech was replaced with thanks to treefrog. I can't seem to download a pic of the mech but it is all there with no damage and ready to be assembled. The reel chassis looks complete but when you look closely it has a few surface rust issues and would require a stripdown and clean. Beyond my skills and I was worried about cocking something up. The reels would be better off being replaced, quite scruffy. As someone with reasonable mechanical knowledge concerning petrol engines I am surprised at how complex these machines are and have admitted defeat. So as I eat my humble pie I have put this on the Market and am looking for a working machine, tabletop? and in keeping with a '50s/'60s themed room. If no interest I will put on fleabay but would rather someone on this site will be interested as I can see someone like me buying it and being out of their depth. Also I have had a lot of help already from members and feel obliged and happier to offer it here first. I still like one arm bandits but now know and am aware of pitfalls. Just by reading the forums I can see that it's a niche and complex area and you need to know what you are doing. In conclusion as a newbie I have crashed and burned but it's not the end of the world. Every day is a school day as they say. Anyway, if you are still awake, let me know if you are interested, time for my medication,
Regards Tony
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Re: Space Flight Beromat picture of front castings

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This is the picture I wanted in advert in Market.
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Re: Space Flight Beromat

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The machine above I swapped for a complete bandit and then sat for 3 years. The mechanism had lots of issues, most of cabinet was fine or rotten. I even bought a machine from the Elephant House as a donor for the cabinet, but fell in love with it and restored it instead.

Anyway, I had one square cabinet machine I bought 8 years ago from Coventry auction painted in gloopy gloss yellow paint, pretty rough and bought without looking at it. When I picked it up, my fingers went straight through the base and the smell of rot stuck with me on the way home. Most of the good mechanical parts fell apart and I chucked it in the corner of a shed. So I decided to try and build a cabinet from the parts from the two machines and rebuild the Space Flight mechanism. It has not turned out too bad and runs very well. I am making some new strips and have not decided yet whether to paint the castings.... we'll see.

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Re: Space Flight Beromat

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Very nice job, definitely worth saving.
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Re: Space Flight Beromat

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Very nice machine!
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Re: Space Flight Beromat

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Love that.
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Re: Space Flight Beromat

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A beauty that - thanks for sharing. I'll find a decent space themed machine one day.
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Re: Space Flight Beromat

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Nice looking machine TF well done, another one saved !
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