Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

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Shield Catcher

Post by brianh »

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Hi guys - silly question time again but in your opinions and ignoring the price for the moment, would you think this item looks worth restoring? :!?!: ... SwlzVa10u2

Had a few Allwins but never experienced a shield catcher or similar (like clown catcher?) up close so no idea if workings are fairly straightforward. Apart from worm the rest looks mainly just dirt and may well come up nice with a bit of work but would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks.
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by coppinpr »

Please excuse being off topic, I was re reading this post from the start and this quote from BP in 2012 caught my eye:
gawd 'elp us all if an American of superior ability ever gets elected President
We are still safe then. :lol:

Ss far as the machine goes, I think it's well worth reading through the post from the start. I know nothing about this sort of machine but reading what those who do said 6 years ago would make me at least consider it. The price is, perhaps, a little high and am I right in thinking parts are missing?
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by jimmycowman »

Reading the description it is working. Some of these paid out in tokens. This one doesn't - it's pennies, which is good. Clown catchers used to be a £1000. So it isn't too far off. If I hadn't got one I'd be interested. !!CHEERS!!
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by brianh »

Thanks for your help - probably worth a punt then - seller has left his phone number on another item so may just give him a call ref how "temperamental" it is (i.e. anything missing?) and see if price negotiable |/XX\|
Thanks again
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by safetyman1005 »

Hi Brian

If you're interested I've got a catcher that may interest you.

catcher.jpg (65.98 KiB) Viewed 3901 times

It still needs a little fettling.

I'm just outside Swansea, PM me if interested.

Brian T
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by treefrog »

Another restoration project someone has done on a very rough version that sold twice at the Elephant. It had seriously bad woodworm in the rear panel, second owner seems to have made a reasonable job. When I first saw it on eBay I thought it was a new cabinet, but is the original. If it were me I would use slotted screws rather than philips, just one of those personal things I have on this type of details.....still it has a new life !!THUMBSX2!!



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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by gameswat »

Yikes - sometimes it's not good to see full nakedness! Better with the paint on. Someone sure got excited with the sander and ruined it. :burp:
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by retro_dan86 »

Just got this a couple of weeks ago, probably overpaid but ah well, pays out a single ciggie and is all original as far as I can tell !!THUMBSX2!!

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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by john t peterson »

Welcome to the club, Dan. That's a sweet machine in very nice condition. Congratulations. Post a picture of the mechanism when you get a chance. We love to see the interior of the games. It might just be of assistance for a future owner of a similar machine.

J Peterson
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Re: Jentzsch & Meerz Simplex catcher

Post by badpenny »

As John in Americaland said, welcome on board Dan.

I think it's looking nice, and it's good to see time has been put into it.
What's next on the list now? You've got a clock, right?
What else?

BP :cool:
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