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Re: Info wanted to improve an Autofruit emulation

Postby badpenny » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:06 pm

What does "at A level" mean?

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Re: Info wanted to improve an Autofruit emulation

Postby beromat » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:30 pm

Sorry, another assumption, that UK game machines enthusiasts are in the UK! The easiest way to explain it is to go back a few decades when the UK education system was quite simple. At age 16, the then and current minimum school leaving age, you sat exams in several subjects which, if you passed, were regarded as formal qualifications and were called O Levels, where the O meant Ordinary. If you stayed on another two years you took more formal qualification exams, but in fewer subjects which were called A Levels where the A stands for Advanced (as opposed to Ordinary).

Since then O Levels have been replaced and new vocational exams have been introduced as alternatives to A Levels, but in amongst the mire, we still have A Levels!

Just going back to my previous observation about where Modular arithmetic comes in the school syllabus, when you think about it, it is even stranger that the concept is not introduced in general at Junior schools, because we are all taught at that age to tell the time, which of course is a particular implementation of modular arithmetic and should tell you how trivial the subject is! (Although, mathematicians like to dress it up with words the average person may find strange, it is actually simple!)


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