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Coins used for testing?

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:58 pm
by coppinpr
Can anyone tell me anything about these? All I can be sure of is they are test coins and are not an official Gov weights and measures set for they have no official stamp.
They are in a rather nice padded wood box that has clearly seen some use in its day.
They are marked:
10p R Min, 10p A Max, 2p R Min ,2P A Max, 5p A Max,5p A Min ans 5p R min
The Max and Min in each group appear to vary in weight, diameter and thickness... but the weight is not relevant I think as it's nowhere near the actual 10p coin weight, so I guess these are max and min size testers.
I can't see a use for an operator so I'm thinking used by a coin op maker for testing the tolerance on coin acceptors for gambling slots and vending machines? :!?!: