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How does the kicker spin the reels in a one arm bandit?

Postby paxmanvalenta » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:33 pm

How does the kicker in a one arm bandit engage with the reels and spin them? Does it flick the teeth on the payout disks thus spinning all three reels? I’ve seen when the lever is pulled forward the reels move back momentarily before spinning downwards, is this backward movement the effect of the brakes being released? Also how is there enough momentum from one flick to spin the reels really fast?
Thanks for any info.

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Re: How does the kicker spin the reels in a one arm bandit?

Postby badpenny » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:23 pm

On a mechanical 3 reeler (excepting German) there is a lever hinged at the bottom plate of the mechanism.
It is spring loaded and as you pull the handle it is cranked towards the back of the mech.
It is behind the pay out slides and underneath the Pay out discs.

You are quite right in what you've observed. The reels rock slightly as it moves under. The edge of the lever clicks into the serrations of the discs at the end of its travel. The last action of the handle pull releases the lever, the strong spring pulls it rapidly towards its resting place at the front of the machine. In doing so it spins the three reels.

The back pedalling mud guard swaddles the winsome flange allowing none of the collets to wobble.
I might have got a bit excited there and exaggerated the last bit.

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