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unusual tokens

Postby coppinpr » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:34 pm

I was counting out some tokens for a guy in the USA who wanted 500 R&W 6d tokens for his UK machines and I thought id quickly sort out a couple of jars of mixed odd tokens and I found a few that seemed interesting,anyone got any info?
the first interesting rather than unidentified batch were marked "36th Engineers GP, NCO open mess, 5 cents " and "K-8 APO 64,NCO open mess ,5 cents" both these US military units are listed as having been in south Korea, ("K-8" was a US air base, APO 64 was a US air force post office) this second token can be found for sale by US coin dealers for $6
next ,a "Victory Bell" token,would this be quite old or not? and a token interesting for what is written on it " loaned for amusement only, 3" and on the reverse "property of the machine" (?)
victory bell and prop of machine.jpg
and three tokens with suppliers names on Ive never heard of " N.A.S.C. Birmingham" "E.Mann Brighton" and "Monarch Automatic Co, Northampton"

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