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Aristocrat mystery circuit board burnt resistors

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:47 pm
by ralph
Hi Guys, Long shot I know, but trying to find out the value of two resistors on an Aristocrat circuit board. At least two are badly burnt. I can't read them at all and I have no schematics to work from, so thought I'd try on here, in the hope someone can help identify them for me.
I removed a second circuit board (No 206/CA3) from the slot machine they came out off, and that one is fine, just used it for reference.
The board in question with the burnt resistors is the board No 206/ CA1. Thanks in advance.

Re: Aristocrat mystery circuit board burnt resistors

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:04 pm
by gameswat
Sorry can't help with circuit info. In fact even here in Australia Aristo schematics are basically unheard of. I've been told the company destroyed everything they could after a fairly short time. I guess that was partly due to legal issues with gambling machines being illegal in most of Aust back then, and also to kill the secondhand value and make people keep buying new. In the early 90's a whole bunch of older early electronic machines suddenly came on the market all over Aust. We had numerous customers ask us to repair them as not one single example I ever heard of actually worked! Turned out they all had important circuit boards removed before they were sold, no doubt to make them totally legal! I know other repair guys who did try to track down circuit diagrams from Aristo techs and they got nowhere. Hopefully someone has your board in their machine. Probably a good idea to just photograph these type boards when you have no diagram while they are still working, so you have a record of the components that way?