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Bryans Bullion on new penny payouts

Postby perana5000 » Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:58 pm

Hello all
My Bullion that I have owned for a few years has always paid the 2,3and 4p wins fine but the 8 and 10 have always only paid 4p, of recent I have been trying to sort it out, the mech works lovely, and there is nothing stopping the pay tube from raising higher for the bigger wins, but whatever adjustment I make to the coach bolt at the base of the prodder arms in 8 and 10 position, it makes no odds to 8 and 10, had them at just about max position and still only paying 4, almost like the bolts need to be about 5mm longer! , nothing has been doctored to keep payouts down that I can see, nothing looks out of place etc, 8 and 10 wins on the star wheel locater rods are fine, it plays very well, Im just baffled, anyone with any idea what could be the problem?
Many thanks Mark.

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