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Groetchen Ginger trade stimulator reel strips

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:43 pm
by coppinpr
I'm tasked with making a new set of reels for someone's Groetchen Ginger trade stim but there are multiple problems getting the strips right. Firstly, the Ginger is one of a very small number of trade stims. that actually pay out, which means you can't simply put symbols anywhere; 2nd, it appears only 6 symbols in total are readable on the second reel. The other two reels have NO symbols readable! Just to cap it off, the symbols are the rare "lucky" type (horseshoe, anchor, clover, etc). All I need (I say "all", as if it's that easy) is the symbol order for all three reels of a Groetchen Ginger. It's not important what the symbols are, any set will do; it's just the correct order I need. Can anyone help, please? :#: