Duo Mat clockwork question

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Re: Duo Mat clockwork question

Post by badpenny »

Isn't it just a ball with a protruding spike which sticks in a hole in the wheel?
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Re: Duo Mat clockwork question

Post by treefrog »

Yes, I changed one using same Delrin balls and drilled a hole, as close to the size of the screw head, filled with a strong glue and tap in to right depth. Then leave 24 hours to cure.......worked for me !THUMBS!
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Re: Duo Mat clockwork question

Post by geofflove »

Great. Will give it a try. Thanks.
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Re: Duo Mat clockwork question

Post by dickywink »

geofflove wrote: Tue May 25, 2021 8:13 pm I removed the governor and all looked clean and well until I actually tried to move the two weights which were gummed up solid. A bit of alcohol and all is well again.
Beware... I have used this trick before... one of my old jukeboxes sounded awful... but after 10 pints of Guinness it sounded fantastic. Unfortunately the following day it sounded even worse.


all the best.... Dicky
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