Fitting a light inside Mills hi-top

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Fitting a light inside Mills hi-top

Post by itsnot »

Hello all,
l am thinking about fitting a light inside a Mills hi-top but wondered if any members had done this or had seen a machine with this feature carried. The machine doesn't have the jackpot mechanism, it has a token reward tube/slider assembly which sits behind the window, which is blanked with a perspex sheet, token reward card and a piece of aluminium. Any information/advice accepted.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Fitting a light inside Mills hi-top

Post by badpenny »

I don't recall having ever seen a Mills Hi-top with lights.
Maybe a Lucky Devil conversion or similar, but they of course were 3rd party conversions.

Any period lighting sets would of course be 240v AC input to a step down transformer, but still have zapping capacity, therefore care must be taken. Ensure you Earth to the chassis with a suitable fuse in the plug.
Although I personally don't like LED lights, as you are doing a non-contemporary conversion, they could be a good substitute for you. That is from a safety/cost/ease point. Just make sure you wire them up the right way.
If you're doing this mostly from an aesthetics point of view, I'd recommend a Sega Light 'em Up/Mad Money instead of a Hi-Top. They were made for lights and the top box adds to the effect.
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