Seeburg Casino jukebox identified

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Re: Seeburg Plaza jukebox identified

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Nope, apparently daveslot called it right and I should use my own advice about not taking what's on the internet at face value. Gameswat PM'd me to say it is the Symphonola Casino, not the Plaza, which prompted me to do what I should have in the first instance - pull a jukebox book from my library and check. The only image I could find was in the excellent Ultimate Jukebox Guide (Brown, Hutchins, Mizera). Seeburg produced three very similar models in 1939: the Mayfair, Plaza and Casino. They also produced the Vogue and Classic in the same year. Notably, the Casino shown here has the continuous wooden sides, as in the old photograph.
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Re: Seeburg Casino jukebox identified

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Definitely the Casino! :o
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