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How to use the arcade section

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 3:42 pm
by guyblue10
I've just worked out how to use the "Arcade" section!!!...I've been in there a few times, but every time I went I would see the curtains open, see a conveyor and a hand, and not work out how to do anything.....

For those of you in the same the triangle in the middle at the more...a new window appears with 2 machines - click on the cash machine on the left...the machine appears....fiddle around with the hand on the handle until the reels start tunring.....then the system will take you back to the conveyor, but this time there's a pot of money at the bottom right...pick up a coin with the hand and pop it in the slot. Then tirning the knob on the front of the machine reveals a fully working conveyor.

Brilliant Stuff.

Apologies if I'm teaching any readers to suck eggs, but I'm sure there are others out there that haven't worked this out!!

Overall - there's some really good stuff on this site, and the animation is very nice....the new members numbers seem to be increasing more rapidly every month, and the forum is getting busier.

I do think you need to have a little rework on the navigation though - it's not intuitive in order to sign up as a member you have to go to the archive section!! The calendar (also in the archive section!!!!) is excellent but needs to be more prominent.

Keep up the good work

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 2:49 pm
by pennymachines
Hello Guy and welcome to the site.

You're not the only one left scratching their head at the Arcade by the sound of it, so maybe your post will help to un-baffle a few folk.
You're supposed to get some pennies when you first visit, but for some reason this isn't working on some systems. I think I need to provide a "Get Cash Here" sign.
On the other hand it's quite fun to work it out yourself I guess.
I'll look at it again when I start on the "Hidden Treasure" simulation.

As you say, membership and visitor numbers have been gaining momentum and work is in progress to step this up further.

Re. the navigation, you don't have to go to the Archive to join the Forum - just click the "Join" link at the top of this page (it disappears when you're signed in).
The Archive is a permanent collection of resources for slot machine enthusiasts. There's a Forum Membership link there because our members are one of our most valuable resources.

The Calendar is also a resource, which is linked from both the Archive and the Arena, but I take your point that it could really do with a more prominent position (such as a Flag button). I might put a bottom page link to it while I try to work out a better solution.

Many thanks for your helpful, encouraging feedback. :arrowmunch: