New Boy in town .......

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New Boy in town .......

Post by badpenny »

:byee: Well not so much new, more a case of "so this is where you blighters all hang out now!" I've been away from the scene for a year or two. This site is just what was needed, and must be one of the best kept secrets ever. I think the quality is superb and love the front page, very clever. I look forward to the next one dropping through my letterbox a month and a half late and landing lightly on the mat because it's only half the thickness it should be ....... errr hang on! Oh of course, those days have gone haven't they! Hooray for us! Three rousing cheers for Penny Machines (did I go to school with her?).
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Post by pennymachines »

That's right - we were at Borstal together before the war with Bent Penny and Penny Dreadful.

I knew I could trust you to turn up eventually (like a Badpenny) ;-)

I'm not trying to keep this place secret, honest. Quite the opposite. But it takes time to round up all you folks. So spread the word - please.

And thanks for the !!THUMBSX2!!
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