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Postby Bent Copper » Sun Apr 08, 2007 3:57 am

It's your site, and you can do what you like with it, but whether it is wise to do so is another matter. I'm with margamatix on this one. I think you're not doing yourself any favours by putting this rant on here, and it makes the site look cheap and tacky. It's not even an American site.

If you must put it on, might I suggest you create a separate forum for off-topic posts and put it on there.

I thought the following comments were quite funny though:
I never intended to talk politics
I have zero tolerance for Spam
In my view it would be perverse not to make use of this site to ring an alarm bell that has been chiming on countless other websites since 9/11.
I was made aware of this topic because I stumbled across it on the internet. Other media are not covering it.
Why doesn't that surprise me?
If anyone thinks there's something the rest of the collector community might like to know about it won't be removed or censored because it's not about slot machines.
Ah right. So where do we post all this off-topic stuff then? Seeing as how there's no forum for it.

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