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Re: Using the Shiply courier auction service succsessfully

Postby raj » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:17 pm

If you use the basic 48hr Parcelforce through ebay, 30kg will go for £11.99 & they will collect from your home if you want. They are not very careful carriers, so package well, also glass damage will invalidate any insurance you might want. I have posted allwins before, with and without glass with no problems, but a sheet of plate glass for an Ollie Whales will cost around £6, so it might be worth negotiating with your purchaser to see if they will take it without.
Shipley are usually very competitive, however some of the couriers live in a dream world. I had a long discussion about a pickup from the SE & he wanted £112 for an allwin & could not seem to grasp the concept of competition or multiple pick ups to create a full load. I finally settled on £50 which is the going rate. Weight is not usually the issue with these people, simply how much floor space the item takes, which is great for bandits.

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Re: Using the Shiply courier auction service succsessfully

Postby badpenny » Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:43 pm

I've been watching his thread with interest as personally I wouldn't trust Parcelfarce ever again, even if my life depended upon it, and all I was transporting was fresh air.

They seem to take "Handle with Care" as a personal challenge. :NBG:
Should you be impertinent enough to think you can make a claim the chappy that visits demands to see every scrap of paper referring to the deed plus 100% of the materials used to pack it even if they themselves have succeeded in managing to rip bits of it off and regardless that their own staff accepted it as being suitably wrapped when they took your shillings off you.

If you foolishly think you've survived the above then their catch all statement is something along the lines of "You sent something not indestructible and are surprised it didn't survive, tut tut."

Then they wonder why the small man in a van organisations are taking their business off them.

!!IDEA!! My message is, take a pride in what you are doing, employ those that share your business interests then you won't have to cut corners and charge a fortune to pay for the suit that comes round to your house to explain how foolish you were to give them your business in the first place.

Rant over :dammit:

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Re: Using the Shiply courier auction service succsessfully

Postby coppinpr » Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:56 pm

I agree totally with the previous post. I have to use Parcel Force at work and it's rubbish. The care and attention side of it is quite clear, the guy who works for Parcel Force doesn't have any reason to take care of your stuff. If it gets damaged, or worse, goes missing, no one really knows who to blame !!COOEE!! (forget tracking, it means nothing, believe me). If you get a man with a van that you might use again, he at least has a reason to take care. Like I said at the start of this thread, pick a guy with good feedback and tell him that if he's good you will use him again! Pay a fair price for the job, once again, like I said at the start, don't be greedy. What can you expect these days for £11.99? Moving a heavy object half the length of the UK and getting it there (A) in reasonable time and (B) in good condition seems to be worth £25 to £30 to me! You only get what you pay for.

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