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LED bulb strips

Postby coppinpr » Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:00 pm

I've been trying out some of the very inexpensive LED bulb strips available on ebay and they seem to me a very useful option in some cases.
In the Jennings pictured below I used a 20 bulb strip of blue LED's to light the top box which had never had lights in, and it looks great. It had the glass plate but a solid metal plate behind the glass so i removed the plate and fixed the LED's with double sided tape above the glass. The strip of lights came direct from China with a mains adapter for just £2.80 inc postage, it came in just 6 days. The big pluses in my view are, 1. low heat, 2. various colors, 3.various lengths, 4.very low cost 5. the strips are flexible, 6. they take up very little room inside the machine. Anyone else use them?

(photo 1, is a better photo but i used a flash, photo 2 was taken with no flash and shows the lights better) The machine is interesting because it has a token unit instead of a jackpot unit.
jennings 1.jpg

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