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special when lit
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Only slightly worn...

Postby special when lit » Thu May 23, 2019 3:15 pm

Giving my Mills/Boland bandit a service, and apart from all the usual caked on grease and dirt, I found the reel brakes had a slight amount of wear.
The middle one was nearly worn through, but 10 minutes with the welder and power file and they'll be good for another 80 years.

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Re: Only slightly worn...

Postby treefrog » Fri May 24, 2019 9:28 pm

Took me ages to work out which one was the before and after......I need some serious glasses, but got it now.......finally could make out the tops of the brakes.... !!THUMBSX2!!

I wonder how many of these early mechs have either broken kicker arms or at least repaired ones.....I have seen lots of clamped ones as this seems to be a big weak part on these, never seen one welded though.

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