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Hi Folks
Like most of the Non-payout Credit registering machines of the '50s and '60s including the Bally Bingos etc, you would be paid by the bar owner on your final total on the credit meter and then the bar owner would reset the credit meter back to zero, because it was against the law to have a payout machine. This was normally done under the counter and only to regular patrons of the bar that were known by the bar owner to spend a small fortune in the machines... l used to frequent a cafe in Norwich when I was a youngster that had a row of 5 Bally Bingos. I had played in the premises nearly every other day for over a month and one day won really big with about 800 credits (at a shilling each ) = £40, a lot back in the late '70s... The guy next to me, who I had become friends with, said, 'wow, you have won £40'. I said, 'what do you mean?' He said to me, 'go and see the cafe owner and ask him to reset the credits', which I did. The owner said, 'I was wondering when you were going to ask.' :) About 5 minutes later he stuffed an envelope in my pocket with 40 quid in it... Went home a very happy chappy.

all the best ... Dicky
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