Why are some bandits so complicated?

American, British, French or German? We want to know about it.
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Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by tallstory »

I have just been watching a video on YouTube where a guy takes apart a Mills bandit, restores it and re-assembles it.

It's an amazing job but I am left wondering why it is so complicated. I have only messed about with Beromat machines and they are much much simpler but still seem to do the same job.

I certainly wouldn't want to tackle a bandit as complex as this so hats off to Restoration Station (although I do think he sloshes the oil around a bit too much). Still nobody's perfect. !SAINT!
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Re: Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by coppinpr »

I think you're wrong about this, the 50's German mechs do, as you say, a job but it's a poor show compared to a bell-type mech. The standard Mills type mech was designed to withstand long harsh treatment, protect against fraud, act as a safe in a public place, and yet still be variable enough to offer several options. It was designed in an age of quality mechanical engineering when machines had to be mechanical yet perform complex functions. Its survivability is testament to its ability to do the job it was designed for in the best possible way, basically, it never changed from Charles Fey to Bally Money honey. Pulling the handle on a Beromat with its poor, slow, limp wristed play is a poor excuse compared to the rattle and snap of a Jennings chief :lol:

plus they look complicated,but they are not, id sooner repair a mills than a Beromat any time!
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Re: Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by special when lit »

Limp wristed play. :HaHa:
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Re: Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by clubconsoles »

I agree Paul, that's what I love about Bandits, so well............. OK , Over engineered.
I do agree, he use too much oil, other than that, cant fault him.
I think the sound track to this is amazing, not ruined by some "elevator music" sound track and complete lack of speech adds to the magic, in my eyes.
Thanks tallstory for bringing it to a wider audience.
It was done VERY, VERY well, hats off to the Restoration Station!!
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Re: Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by treefrog »

Is complexity just not what you’re use to. Also I believe German machines are far better engineered, than the crude American based 3 reelers. Also the German machines were designed for a few years not 70 and they still survive...

Video was a bit long winded, I fell asleep after 30 seconds even when on fast forward. :HaHa:
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Re: Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by watlingman »

Treefrog kills me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Re: Why are some bandits so complicated?

Post by dutchboy »

Well treefrog i think you can do the same job with your eyes closed. :HaHa:
Thanks for sharing the video
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