Gay Cruise

American, British, French or German? We want to know about it.
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Gay Cruise

Post by dutchboy »

I just want to share this. I found today this gay cruise machine. Often you have make a long drive to collect a machine but this one was only 1 street behind me. Usually the machines you find have one or more problems but this one is without problems and plays on 50 euro-cents or old Dutch guilders. It has a hopper but the max payout is 10 coins :!: I think it’s not a keeper but I want to explore and clean it. The machine is terrible heavy and have electricity in it, so next time I prefer a machine like a Caille cadet. Much better for my back...
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Re: Gay cruise

Post by coppinpr »

Not the first "Gay Cruise" (a misleading name in this modern era) machine we have seen on the forum. These seem to have been exclusively on European cruise ships in the late '70s / '80s. I think the others I have seen myself were slides not a hopper.
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