The longest timescale for a project

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The longest timescale for a project

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I found an old mash potato tin in the garage which contained lots of screws and parts from an Aristocrat Arcadian machine I purchased around 1990. As teenager at the time I was full of enthusiam and undaunted by the shabby brush painted case and the front perspex smashed and held together with electrical tape.

I paid £60 for the machine at an antique fair and left with a smile on my face. I'd just got myself a one arm bandit! Took it all to pieces, got the case re-coated as I couldn't afford the chroming and did my best to get it looking presentable but never really finished it.

Sadly there was no forum to refer to at that time and the reels only span a few positions when the mech was cranked so I gave up on it after that. There were quite a few parts left over after my efforts and I chucked away the electrics for the lights!

For some reason I kept the machine and have decided now to try and put right the mistakes from 30 years ago and finish what I started. I wondered if other forum members had started projects a long time ago and are hoping to finish them one day?
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Re: The longest timescale for a project

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Not quite as long as that, but around 2009, I bought a Hi top. It needed work to the case & the mech didn't work, but it was clean & had been re-chromed.
Stripped all the flaking laminate off the case & re-finished it, & re-built the mech. I then stripped & tried to re-paint the castings. For various reasons, I couldn't get a decent finish, so in a huff, I chucked them to the back of the shed.
F/F 10 years & I'd got fed up of tripping over them, & decided to have another go. Got a half decent finish this time, so put it all together.
I was hoping for a lot, really as the mech didn't work at all. After investigation, I found lots of bent things, vertical fingers, the arm that pushes them back, the reel spindle & the axles on the payout discs were all bent & causing problems. No worries, after a bit of hammer work, got it all working fine, & is now one of my favourite machines.

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Re: The longest timescale for a project

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We had a similar thread running several lots of years ago.
At the time I confessed to having a S&L Conveyor which had been festering away in my shed for simply oodles of time.
I sorted that out by carrying it around for another 5 years, 3 homes and 2 women. I then sold it on after having done nothing to it.

Now at the top of my heap of embarrassment I have an early Bradshaws, front opener (which I've also mentioned on here before) Well it's all there, and I've still done nowt to it, except for hiding all the brass plates and locks etc away somewhere safe !PUZZLED!

I've had this one for about 20 years, 6 homes and 6 women.
My excuse is it only needs a front glass, so I never bother.


BP :cool:
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