K'Nex Clock Amusement Machine

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K'Nex Clock Amusement Machine

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This is my second lockdown construction.

I decided to set myself a challenge by attempting to make a Bryans Clock out of the construction toy K'Nex. Gosh, it must have taken over 200 hours all told!

The differences are as follows:

1) It is somewhat larger and heavier than Bryans Clock
2) Bryans Clock is completely mechanical, but my version uses two 12-volt motors
3) It uses Ping-Pong balls instead of coins
4) A game last from about 10 to 20 seconds instead of about 4 or 5 seconds for Bryans Clock
5) Whereas Bryans Clock applies randomness by basing the speed of the spin on the position of the minute hand, my K'Nex version randomly changes the duration of each game
6) Bryans Clock can take a lot of punishment, but turning the key on my machine with force will make it fall to pieces

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Re: K'Nex Clock Amusement Machine

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Re: K'Nex Clock Amusement Machine

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Well done! !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: K'Nex Clock Amusement Machine

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Re: K'Nex Clock Amusement Machine

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Bonkers! :mad: CoNgRaTs
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