Building a slot machine from scratch? You're not alone in your madness.
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Re: reel strips for segas

Postby simonlindsay » Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:06 pm

Hi tree-frog,

Sounds like a plan!

I'm sure there are many 'enthusiasts' that would welcome a service like this. It is a sure fire way to finish that total re-furbishment of old slot machines and as long as the cost is reasonable the orders would come flooding in!

Now . . .when can you start a re-chroming business? I'm seriously looking at buying some (inexpensive) equipment to re-chrome my slot machines but I'm only at the investigation stage. I need the right equipment to be able to deal with coin trays, large parts of machines and, of course, handles, coin denomination signs etc. Anybody out there able to advise?

Many thanks,


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Re: reel strips for segas

Postby badpenny » Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:10 pm

Stuart has already touched on this subject and due to the dangers has made a sensible recommendation ....... ... rome#p6672

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Re: reel strips for segas

Postby urbanbody » Mon May 13, 2013 11:27 am

treefrog wrote:I hadn't seen this thread, but reel strips are definately another one of those challenges I want to improve on. I bought a set from Henry Powell and although they did the job, they were not the colour I wanted and essentially were just sections of injet photo paper glued together.

So my challenge is two fold. Firstly given there a huge variety of symbols and background colours, I have been speaking to a software developer at work, who has offered me help to create a template database, where I will scan every symbol I can get and add these to a template system where you select the manufacturor, background colour and symbol type and onto a predefined 20 stop template. This would then allow you in seconds to create any reel strip quickly. Next challenge is the printing. At work we have a print shop and can produce copies upto A0 and a multitude of finishes, including plastic coated paper. If I get this far, I may invest in a large format injet printer to do the job. (Shouldn't be using work :tut )

So watch this space, if successfully I could be knocking out cheap realistic strips......well in theory, but I wouldn't wait for me though. If you think this is a mad idea, by all means let me know...At least if I can get the template tool created, I could share this for others...

did you go far in this project?

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