Knex Fruitmachine or One Arm Bandit

Building a slot machine from scratch? You're not alone in your madness.
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Knex Fruitmachine or One Arm Bandit

Post by delcour »

Hello all,
so glad I found this forum as I really like mechanical machines.
Having just watched the Repair Shop which starred a Beromat One Arm Bandit, I would like to present my own variation of the Fruit Machine of Ona Arm Bandit. It is actually a two arm bandit, fully mechanical. Some rubber bands and a metal weight are the only non Knex parts.
I thoroughly enjoyed developing this, found inspiration with Ted Pounds, but in the end designed almost all of it myself. It's been working quite well and just recently I dismantled it.

It may not be an exact copy of a true machine, but boy, was it fun, challenging and great fun each time I saw it standing there and not being able to resist putting a ball in and watching it work.
Paul Delcour
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Re: Knex Fruitmachine or One Arm Bandit

Post by coppinpr »

an amazing job and one few could master, so well done **xXx**
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Re: Knex Fruitmachine or One Arm Bandit

Post by oldvic »

Don't stop there!

Now you've got the bug you can make a different type of slot machine!

Ted Pounds (aka oldvic)
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Re: Knex Fruitmachine or One Arm Bandit

Post by geofflove »

Wow. Totally amazing. Can’t imagine knowing where to begin on one of those.
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