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Re: Coin operated fortune teller on ebay

Postby longbobongo » Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:46 pm

I'm the seller of the fortune teller. And as moon river clearly knows more about the machine then me. Have you seen the machine in person or have you seen the auction catalogue or have a copy to be able to compare the two? With your comments with nothing to back up that I'm trying to pass as the same in the catalogue. Show me some evidence apart from an opinion that this is a different machine... from at best your memory. As far as I know 3 post card vendor fortune teller machines were made all 3 with different themes.

The case is clearly is a Bryans post card vendor from 1940s. The mechanism may not be all that old. The head hands and decor... who knows, I guess that's a matter of opinion to judge yourself.

As for the price tag. 6000 maybe it is too much. Maybe it's not. Depends how much you want it and how desperate I may or may not be to sell it. I have had offers on the machine. I'm sure many people on here have followed the many machines I have sold over the last 24 months and priced to sell and sold.

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Re: Coin operated fortune teller on ebay

Postby moonriver » Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:31 pm

I chose my words carefully. I have seen the machine before, and the old auction catalogue.
I originally started this thread about the fake Meurice fortune teller which eventually sold on eBay for around £300.
My comments were made in relation to your fortune teller's previous appearance on Ebay which I assumed was a different seller?

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