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The Old or The New Elephant????

Postby badpenny » Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:06 am

Somebody has asked me (god knows why) when Hunt moved to Princes Risborough?
Seems there is an Elephant House Auction on an Industrial Estate there.

I supposed he must have done a one off there or a clearance for a customer and it still appears on the internet.
Then I noticed Dave & Karol Hooper's place in Leamington Spa appears now as the "Old" Elephant House, or did it always? Why should I know, I've only known them all for nearly 30 years. Of course the eBay vendor named as Elephant House is The Hoopers and not Hunt.
Then it suddenly occurred to me … I just don't care anyway.

Seems to me the one thing that's certain is the one in L'spa needs a calendar pinned on the wall.

BP :lol:

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