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Re: Eastbourne auction

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Well done Tallstory.......good to hear more of them getting put back into useable states. Finished the two Mills Black Cherry’s which I had already shared (two on right).....wonder if any of the wall machines have been put back to usable states yet !PUZZLED!

Let us know if you need help, lots of Beromat knowledge on here !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Eastbourne auction

Post by arrgee »

Just looking at this thread again and in particular the BMCo, never seen a BMCo with a retractable flat bar above the cups before and I assume that the hole in the circular plate just below the escutcheon is for a knob or lever that would have activated this bar, allowing the ball to drop into the cups. I can't make out the lettering on the celluloid plate but the wording shape suggests 'patent No xxxxxxxxx' as apposed to 'patent applied for'

Another interesting and intriguing machine from Charles Featherstone, love the case styling.
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