Burstow and Hewlett Sale

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Burstow and Hewlett Sale

Post by treefrog »

Someone should mention this, just because of the quality and rarity of two items in this sale.

Again a Floor standing roulette Victorian American slot machine comes to the market in the U.K. after the Watling one a few years ago......wonder where these operated. This time a Caille Lone Star, very colourful and needing a lot of restoration. Seems to have many issues, including broken metal frame and potential payout issues, but when will you see another here. Sold for £6500 excluding commission and apparently going to the US. Suspect after shipping there won’t be any change from £12k + another £10k restoration cost......

Next was the Football game discussed on here a few times. One sold in non original cabinet not that long ago. This version I reckon was original wooden cabinet and maybe original wooden stand? Looked really nice if not a little crooked. Seem to be listed as T W Doughty and C A Barrett, but I thought these were Mathewson. Sold for what I thought a very reasonable £3400 given rarity.
There were a few other lesser machines, apparently all from a deceased sale....
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Re: Burstow and Hewlett Sale

Post by clubconsoles »

yes the Caille lone Star is a very rare and desirable machine.
I am no expert but i know a few and there are only around a dozen of this model worldwide.
The Mills version being far more plentiful.
There is a lot of work required and its hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like the numbers have been "ground off" the coin head and replaced by stickers. A massive shame if this is the case??

It was indeed an American Buyer.
He will no doubt be pleased with the exchange rate for his $1 would buy 86p.
That is the best rate (for him) since 1985
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Re: Burstow and Hewlett Sale

Post by daveslot »

I was bidding on the footballer as I was arriving in Plymouth on one of the last ferries out of Spain! Didn't really want to fetch it though, so stopped bidding early. Just wished they had postponed the auction.
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Re: Burstow and Hewlett Sale

Post by sweetmeats »

I viewed the auction on Monday the Caille was in need of considerable work and missing significant parts which I would think could only be found in the USA . The footballer was described as Doughty and Barret as the auctioneer was told this by an "expert" in Hastings. I have seen four of these machines each one had a mahogany case this one was poor quality pine the slug return had been added and to do so the bottom door was butchered ! The mech was complete and working all be it with an undersized ball bearing. The stand looked okay but not convinced is original to the machine. There were no makers or operators marks or stamped numbers anywhere to be seen. Locks both missing or broken the doors screwed through the side. The top marque missing but all screw holes were in right places. The price it sold for with extra 24% comes out at approx. £4,250 taking the overall condition I would say a fair price. I expected it to make a little more.
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Re: Burstow and Hewlett Sale

Post by pedroofn19 »

I was at the auction, and I was surprised with the condition of the items. I know the Lone star is very rare, but it was in a bit of a state, and Im sure there were parts missing inside.
The "Seeburg ice hockey table" was in a right state. The goals were missing and blocked up, so the ball never went inside, it just bounced back onto the play field. The ball was a small ball bearing, not the right size, and the wooden case was cracked in many places, and bits missing. I was amazed to see it go for £340.
I was interested in the Mills QT, but I could only go £450, and it went for £460.

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