Have you seen what we mustn't talk about?

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Re: Have you seen what we mustn't talk about?

Post by badpenny »

Further to what I said above about Auction Houses making hay while the sun shines.

As most here I am registered with the sites that act as a go between for buyers and auction houses, and for that privilege you can end up paying two sets of premiums.
Following another of my hobbies I was aware of a specialist auction coming up in a couple or so weeks. I went through the site we all mostly use, I found they no longer acted on behalf of this particular house. Instead they mentioned two websites acting on their behalf. I was thrilled and delighted to learn that although they both bestowed the opportunity for me to double up on commission fees, card fees, VAT etc. (Buyer's premium Inc. VAT/sales tax: 33.60% Online commission Inc. VAT/sales tax: 5.94%) but I had the luck to pay in other ways too.
The first one was prepared to let me view the auction for only £3 a pop and the other was generous enough to let me join their website and see the catalogue for a special reduced price of £10 for 20 weeks.
Golden Goose slaughtering springs to mind.

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Re: Have you seen what we mustn't talk about?

Post by moonriver »

There will be some disappointed online buyers when they turn up for their machines, particularly the 2 merchantman cranes one of which had a lot of missing parts including all the feet. Neither had keys and both were locked so who knows what was missing inside.
The Green Ray was also locked up, no keys, front casting and some other visible parts missing from behind the front glass.
The other star attraction, the Bolland working model was in nice condition and original, but was the less attractive version with few basic movements and the version without the opening front of tomb doors and raising mummy. Sold for all its money at £4,670 (inc commission)
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