Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

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Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

Post by dickywink »

Hi Guys
those of you that subscribe to "the sale room" will be aware that there is an up and coming HUGE auction of coin operated and mechanical music in the Netherlands ... i know there is a huge variation on prices at the moment ... but the prices quoted just seem way too optimistic to the blooming ridiculous ... those that know me know my interest is in Ditchburn Jukeboxes and fantastically they have one for auction ... the estimate is 5000 to 6000 EUR and... as i have been quoted on radio 4 as being the top historian on Ditchburn Jukeboxes :) i can honestly say that i would not pay more than 1500 for this ... firstly it does not contain the original amp and speaker and secondly the restoration required would take many man hours and the resale restored is around 2500 to 3000... but i feel looking at the rest of the auction it is pretty much the same story with the rest of the coin op, then you after add on Buyers Premium and tax which will add on 27% and cost of shipping or transporting back to the UK ... it just gets crazy ... what are your guys thoughts on this ? ... mine are ... im guessing most wont make reserve...

all the best ... dicky
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Re: Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

Post by treefrog »

Funny Swiss auctions have been relisting a lot of these machines again and again for two years with silly prices. I also had assumed they were in Switzerland by the name and never previously looked at the address.

Quite a few British based machines, some fairly poor like the Hi Top Aristomatic shared the other day. Good luck to them...... mind you I think the lack of machines coming to market people may be tempted, especially given the prices reproductions have been reaching lately. :shock:
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Re: Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

Post by dutchboy »

I had my doubt about visiting the exhibition and auction because of covid. But now I have seen the lots I better stay home. There is one lot description stating that smoke will come out when plugged in !OMFG!. Very poor descriptions, missing parts and also one machine selling matches refurbished but without keys?
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Re: Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

Post by pennymachines »

I put this auction in the Calendar yesterday.
I also wondered why a Swiss Auction Company (located at Weierwiesstrasse 8, 9113 Degersheim) are running a sale in Holland. As TF says, it's strange that on their site they list amusement machines sold from The Dubai Collection of Fine Mechanical Instruments, Music Boxes and Classic Cars, June 12, 2016 while they have been continuously re-advertising most of these items subsequently. !PUZZLED!

The "Shoot", Tura table hockey, Gottlieb 'Happy Clown' pinball, Gottlieb 'Fast Draw' pinball, IMO "Diana" shooter, French crane, and Bryans All Square Crane are currently listed (and have been for a long time) at Invaluable with Buy Now prices.

PDF of Rosmalen Catalogue
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Re: Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

Post by chris roadhog »

Good Lord
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Re: Up and Coming Auction in the Netherlands

Post by cait001 »

$2250 for a clown catcher! What currency is that? http://www.swissauctioncompany.com/sing ... 1655&aid=4
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