eBay return scam

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Re: eBay return scam

Post by scorpa163 »

Check this item out on eBay. 164845113999.

The ‘buyer’ of my door Rawdesigns16, who paid with PayPal account Black rose salvage, is now selling MY door in a frame for £450!! under Black rose salvage. And it is mounted with non original bolts! Does anybody know Black Rose Salvage in Brighton area? BEWARE.
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Re: eBay return scam

Post by geofflove »

Is it not worth messaging eBay referencing the original dispute when he claimed to have returned it?
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Re: eBay return scam

Post by aristomatic »

I saw that listing a few days back

Some unscrupulous buyers can be caught out if the seller marks the item with a security pen with postcode and date. You can then call local nick and ask them to call on the seller and verify if the markings are still present on the item as you believe it was fraudulently obtained.

Long shot, but if markings are still present, it's likely that a paper trail will result in a criminal record for the seller...

Normally I would say don't bother, as the police would see it as non priority, so would take a long time to action. However, as up @ £450, maybe time would be on your side.
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Re: eBay return scam

Post by moonriver »

scorpa163 wrote: Thu May 13, 2021 4:16 pm Check this item out on eBay. 164845113999.
I think I might be tempted to buy that........if it's not as described when it arrives you can always return it in and get your money refunded.
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Re: eBay return scam

Post by geordy55 »

Surely the paintwork will identify it, provided your original listing can be compared to the latest one.
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