Auction in Wakefield tomorrow

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Re: Auction in Wakefield tomorrow

Post by coppinpr »

a juvenile, hand-turned or not, BP? They're selfish, unruly and potentially destructive. For example, see my former President Trump.
Back in the 1930's there was a type of supporting actor in the British movie business known as "aging juveniles" these had started the careers playing teenagers and continued to play them well into their 30's. Its only just occurred to me when you posted how well this fits your defunct pres
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Re: Auction in Wakefield tomorrow

Post by luckystar »

Hi All, The last i heard of Poz, he had moved up to Great Yarmouth, I used to do a lot of shows for Poz when he got doubled booked. A lot of his shows were at private schools, they knew how to spend money there, wonder if he is still with us. Pete.
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Re: Auction in Wakefield tomorrow

Post by pennymachines »

Like bp, I haven't seen him since his magic bus days, although he phoned me years later. Still, it must be over a decade ago...
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Re: Auction in Wakefield tomorrow

Post by seasidedan »

Just an update, one of the units sold for £850: ... l-lot-483/
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Re: Auction in Wakefield tomorrow

Post by bryans fan »

I think the last time I saw Poz was either at the Copthorne Jukebox Show or at Ascot Racecourse Jukebox Show, at least 15 years ago. However, using the magic Google search engine , it appears he is still about, and annoyingly looking no different than the last time I saw him, I wish the same could be said of myself!
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