Salter weighing machine

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Salter weighing machine

Post by arrgee »

Rather good looking 'heavy weight' machine on eBay with a rather heavy weight price tag of £11,499 plus £200 postage. :shock:
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Re: Salter weighing machine

Post by geofflove »

Looks lovely. But can think of some more entertaining games for my 11k. Spend an evening with friends weighing yourselves....
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Re: Salter weighing machine

Post by coppinpr »

Yes, it's a classic design but where do you put a thing like that :o . You MIGHT get it shipped for £200 but they would leave it on the doorstep and run away. No way 2 men in a van are going to carry that up three flights of stairs for £200 !OMFG! and it's not going to work very well anyway. These were spring-driven and were unreliable from day one. 100 years on you would be lucky to get it to read the same weight twice in a row if you stepped off then back on again (note that it currently reads 5 stone with nothing on the plate) dirtdog . On the plus side, it does have side rails so you can kid yourself you weigh less than you do by leaning on the rails. !!YIPPEE!!
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Re: Salter weighing machine

Post by sentimental salvage »

I have a couple here in Australia with imperial & metric faces for both sets.
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Re: Salter weighing machine

Post by dickywink »

Love the hand rails though ...
It says to me ... "if your arse cant fit between these rails you are not getting on"

all the best

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