Mills clone

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Mills clone

Post by catapultman »


Sorry if this has been covered before (I'm sure it has, but I can't find anything).
I bought a machine a little while ago and although it's great fun, I thought I'd find out some info about it, and there is the problem - it's labelled as a Mills, but it looks like an almost identical copy of the Sega Money Matador badged as a "Berkeley".
Am I the proud owner of a Sega Mills Berkeley machine, :D or none of these?
I'm also thinking of getting some of it re-chromed. Can anyone recommend anyone to do this? I'm in north Essex.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: Mills clone

Post by treefrog »

There probably was quite a few companies who made clone machines, Berkeley being one of them. I have had many variants and have one now with large embossed JCW on all the castings.....

In terms of chromers, I am in your area, but cannot recommend anyone, but there are loads of people have recommended around the country if you do a search or look in Services & Supplies. You may want to consider a good spray job like hard enamel paint instead, could work out cheaper and cover pitted parts that chrome will never work on.
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Re: Mills clone

Post by coppinpr »

A nice looking machine! As Tom says a lot of us have had one of the Sega clones at one time or another. They all have what amounts to a Mills mech (which is all but the same as the sega anyway) the two main giveaways are they never have the "Sega" logo cast into the lower front casting and (for some reason I've never known) the top rear bonnet on a sega will not fit on a clone.. does it have its lights? Is the top light box glass broken, its a good one, if it's broke a repro might be nice, and a better designed lower JP glass. I agree with Tom, re-chroming a bit expensive for a machine of this value, If the coin tray is in a bad way it can look good in black if well sprayed
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Re: Mills clone

Post by brigham »

I sprayed the coin-tray silver on one of mine, but in hindsight, black might have been better.
The Berkeley tends not to have ribbing in the polished cabinet side strips, they are flat-faced.
I've seen that 'pin-up' top box artwork before; done by a travelling showman based in Hetton-le-Hole, Co. Durham. Is there a Durham postcode painted prominently on the inside of the case?
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