Cheaper, Better PennyMachines Auction

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Cheaper, Better PennyMachines Auction

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In keeping with the new-better-cheaper Market fees, the PennyMachines Auction fees have also been simplified and reduced. There is now no seller's opening price commission fee. This means that if your item doesn't sell, all you have to pay is the 50p listing fee, and this applies regardless of any opening price or reserve.

That makes the PennyMachines Auction the most cost-efficient way to auction your machines. I hope this tempts a few of you to give it a go. What have you got to lose? And remember, you get £10 free towards any fees just by signing up.

See Auction Fees.

All auction pictures appear (in rotation) on the front page of this site and the front page of the Auction. They're also listed at and now at, the two major auction and classified advert search engines.
We also get a great Google rating. Try doing a Google search for any of the machines currently in the Market. Chances are they'll be the first item listed.
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