1D Escalator

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1D Escalator

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Also, Has anyone ever attempted to put the teeth back on the escalator??? I have one that has the teeth filed off to allow coins to "roll" along the escalator - I know this was a modification recommended by mills in their catalogues and guides that came with the machines. I was tempted to use one of these "hard as nails" or Metal putty, mould and file to shape the teeth, not convinced these "glues/pastes" are really as tough as they claim. If all else fails, I'll be buying some sheet metal and bashing out a replacement!!!!!!

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Re: 1D Escalator

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Suspect moderators will bump this, but the 1D escalator is as rare as hens' teeth... well at least including the teeth themselves....

I have rarely seen these come up, as there were so many changed to that awful sloped cheap monkey metal escalator often seen for sale on ebay.... Sega, I believe, made a proper 1D escalator for Copper Stars and Hi Tops..... Mills tended to be 50C units, again rare... You could try the States for the parts, maybe Mrslots1 can get the slides for 50c.
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