Larger picture file sizes

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Larger picture file sizes

Post by pennymachines »

Following recent problems and requests associated with uploading large image files I've increased the file size limit from 2MB to 8MB.
This should be workable given improvements in available memory and bandwidth from most internet service providers.
The main reason for doing this is that even 2MB is sometimes insufficient when we're trying to capture high resolution graphics in Resources.

A consequence of this will be that members who don't know how to reduce the file sizes of their camera or scanner images will be able to upload them here. However, as I then have to later download, edit to a reasonable size and re-upload them myself, I would encourage these folk to learn how to use some basic image editing software. Images less than 1MB (in the KB range) are more than adequate for showing every scratch and dink in the wood and chrome. We should also remember that some of our members are still on slow dial up connections and many (poor souls) view the site on those nasty little wireless telephonic gadgets. !!ESCAPE!!

Experimenting with an image over 6MB in size, it took about 50 seconds to upload and, when I tried to view it, it crashed the browser on my ageing PC - so beware! OK, I probably shouldn't have had 40 tabs open...
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