Allwin WIN and PLACE video

Videos of vintage slot machines in action.
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Allwin WIN and PLACE video

Post by slotsoffun »

Another venture in to the Ruffler & Walker Win & Place machine. Clean and fix 21 mins long!!!

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Re: Allwin WIN and PLACE video

Post by arrgee »

Another extremely good video M, well done. !THUMBS!
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Re: Allwin WIN and PLACE video

Post by treefrog »

Good video, will be useful for those who have yet to strip down an Allwin, including me !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Allwin WIN and PLACE video

Post by pennymachines »

Nice work and excellent video. Inevitably, we all have slightly different ideas on restoration, particularly when it comes to wood finishing etc. One thing that would worry me about spray lacquering the card backflash is that it will not provide the same protection to the artwork that the plastic did. I prefer to renew the sacrificial plastic barrier to protect against UV and ball friction damage, so that in another 50 years or so it can be replaced again, leaving the graphics pristine. Another small point - the rubber stopper behind the ball hammer needs replacing. The tip of the hammer is striking the ball at the wrong angle because it's protruding beyond the hammer box. This effects play and wears the lower runner.
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